Review: Antler Juno large suitcase

It might shock some of you to know that, in the past, I haven’t been very clued up in regards to luggage. As long as my suitcase had some dexterity left in its swivel wheels and it hadn’t been too cumbersome to carry, I mostly concentrated on other aspects of my travel plans.

Admittedly, I do have an old trusty cabin bag – a suitcase of a nondescript make – that has served me faithfully for many years now and is always on hand for short haul flights on low cost airlines.

My recent honeymoon to south east Asia, however, called for the purchase of brand new luggage for my wife and I. We had three boxes to tick on our wish list:

  • The new case(s) had to be light enough to allow us to carry a larger volume of clothing for the hot, humid climate without incurring excess baggage charges;
  • Be manoeuvrable without too much exertion;
  • Durable enough to last a reasonable number of years in service.

With these points in mind, the Antler Juno suitcase quickly became the frontrunner.

Aside from the array of striking colours which initially caught our eye (we chose turquoise as pictured although there are 8 in total to choose from), its cubic capacity of 110 litres and weight of 4.2kg meant that we were able to pack each of our cases to bursting point and still only clock up 19kg (the baggage limit on BA long haul flight was 23kg).

Lightweight even at full capacity, they glided along with minimal effort on their set of four 360-degree swivel wheels, cutting down the time navigating through the hordes in the arrivals hall and avoiding aching limbs and back from dragging them.

The 10-year warranty – while comforting to have in your back pocket – will probably never be called upon (hopefully). The versatile polypropylene cover survived the initial onslaught of seven flights on our honeymoon without so much as a scuff, nor were the wheels or handle damaged by brusk baggage handling.

Bonus features that ultimately helped clinch the deal were the in-built combination locks which certainly gave us added peace of mind security-wise. Overall, a very sound purchase.

Current RRP: £111.20 (Antler and John Lewis)
*Article produced impartially


Size (H x W x D) 79 x 53 x 31 (cm)
Material Polypropylene
Packing Capacity 110 (L)
Gross Capacity 130 (L)
Wheels 4 Wheels, Double Wheel System, 360 Degree Rotating Wheels
Locks TSA Fixed Combination
Weight 4.2 (kg)
Product Code 3490130022
Features Lightweight

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